The SHBBV Managed Care Network delivers training throughout the year with the aim to develop a confident & competent workforce.

This training is available for clinical & non-clinical professionals across all agencies and where appropriate volunteers, other members of the public & specific groups as detailed in the training course descriptions.

Please note that, currently, our training courses are only available to participants within the area of Tayside.

All training will:

  • be undertaken by skilled and confident trainers
  • be based on the best epidemiological and research evidence available
  • be evaluated and updated accordingly
  • demonstrate gender sensitive practice
  • address inequalities
  • be multi-faceted and delivered through appropriate partnership working arrangements

All training supports delivery of the Scottish Government Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus Framework Outcomes (2015-2020 update):

  1. Fewer sexually transmitted infections; fewer unintended pregnancies
  2. A reduction in the health inequalities gap in sexual health
  3. People affected by blood borne viruses lead longer, healthier lives
  4. Sexual relationships are free from coercion and harm
  5. A society and culture whereby the attitudes of individuals, the public, professionals and the media in Scotland towards HIV are positive, non-stigmatising and supportive

We can also adapt and bring training to you

We are aware that it is increasingly difficult for departments/organisations to release staff to attend training therefore if you have a large group of staff who cannot attend scheduled sessions, we can develop bespoke training to meet the specific needs of your department and deliver it in-house.  If you would like to arrange bespoke training please contact the SH & BBV MCN Office via email:

All training delivered is available to book on this website.  Please click on the training that you are interested in and register your place. For any enquiries please contact us on

For more detail on individual courses see SH & BBV Training Programme 2020 – 2021

*UpdatePlease note:

Following government recommendations and enforcing physical distancing after the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure the safety of all the participants is of great importance to us.  However, this requirement has put significant constraints on our service in a way that we are no longer able to deliver any of the face to face courses scheduled within the SH&BBV Training Programme 2020-21.

While some of the sessions have now been cancelled due to the nature of the course, we are working hard to generate shorter, online versions whenever possible. If you have already booked a place on one of our courses, you will be contacted in due course with further information regarding that specific course.

Should the opportunity to deliver additional sessions for the cancelled courses at a later date arise, we will update this site accordingly.

Please visit this site regularly for further updates.

We thank you for your interest in our courses and apologise for any inconvenience these necessary changes in the way we deliver our sessions may cause.