Harm Reduction: What You Need to Know (Face to Face in Perth)

  • Date: 25/09/2024
  • Time: 09:30-12:30
  • Address: James Murray Suite 1&2
  • City: Perth

Facilitated by                         Hillcrest Futures and Sexual Health & BBV MCN (Graeme Cockburn)

Method of Delivery              Face to Face РMurray Royal Hospital, Perth

Course Assessment              Post-course survey

Target Audience                  

This session will be relevant to any non-specialist BBV staff, working in the broad fields of; health, social care, housing, community development, community pharmacy, education, recovery and the 3rd sector

Maximum Number of Participants            20


To enable participants to engage confidently and competently in conversations around BBV transmission, harm reduction interventions and risk reduction with their service users

Learning Outcomes

  • Become familiar with injecting equipment, injecting-related risk, and other associated drug related harms
  • Identify injection related wounds and complications and signpost to the appropriate service for treatment
  • The promotion of naloxone as an effective intervention for the reduction of drug related deaths
  • Raise awareness of the variety of methods of BBV testing, available locally in Tayside
  • Explore attitudes & language and gain an understanding of stigmatising practice and gender sensitive approaches

Brief Description

In 2022, the Scottish Government introduced the Medication Assisted Treatment standards, a set of standards that aim to enable the consistent delivery of safe, accessible, high-quality drug treatment across Scotland. These are relevant to people and families accessing or in need of services, and health and social care staff responsible for delivery of recovery oriented systems of care.  This session will cover the knowledge required for you to meet and promote the standards around harm reduction