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Unit 1 Summary & Final Quiz

  • Children learn from parents, carers and other adults in their lives. Even if we don’t talk about some of these topics we can send out very clear messages around values, attitudes, embarrassment and relationships related to sexual wellbeing through our own behaviours and reactions.
  • Children are also exposed to messages around sex and bodies through TV, gaming, the internet, music and magazines from a young age. These messages are often misleading and confusing and can reinforce stereotypes around gender, body image and sexuality.
  • Having early, ongoing and age-appropriate conversations with children can encourage them to develop emotionally, find out more about their body, stay safe, build positive relationships and respect themselves and others.
  • It ensures they have accurate information from a reliable source
  • Positive communication can also encourage children to be more critical of the narrow messages they receive from media and society, counteracting some of the negative effects of growing up in a “sexualised” culture.