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Talking Tips

                                                                                                                                           Adolescents may hold back because they are embarrassed, feel your embarrassment or think they already know all they need to know. They may be aware that sex can be a “taboo” subject or they may worry about which language to use or appearing as though they are already sexually active. Some good conversation starters with young people include:

  • Using everyday opportunities like TV programmes, films or magazines to bring up certain topics
  • Providing books and leaflets that you can check in with them about
  • Discussing examples from newspapers, magazines or even things that you know have happened among their peers or in school (explicit image sharing etc.)
  • Providing peer learning opportunities (if you work with young people) to identify what they’d like to learn about and how they can support others
  • Asking what they’re learning about in school RSHP (Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood education)

Safe places and positive relationships are key to effective communication with young people around any issue. Watch the following clip for some tips on answering young people’s questions about sex and relationships:

The following resource also includes some practical suggestions for communicating with adolescents, click to follow the link:

Talking With Your Teenager