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Stages of Development – 10 years plus

  • Most males start going through puberty after age 10/11. These will probably be emotional (mood swings etc.) to begin with & you may not notice any physical changes. Wet dreams may start once the body begins producing sperm, not all males will experience these
  • Most females will begin puberty earlier than males. As with males the onset of puberty may not be obvious at first
  • 12 is the average age for females to start their periods (although many start younger)
  • Adolescents will be receiving many different mixed messages & start to become more influenced by media & peers
  • Sexual feelings may begin around 10 to 12 years old and both males & females may start masturbating & develop crushes
  • By 13/14 most will be attracted to the opposite or same sex. Some may feel worried or confused about fancying people of the same sex or both sexes.
  • Romantic & maybe sexual relationships will begin.
  • More independence from family & more time spent with friends (unsupervised)
  • Using mobile phones & internet more often and unsupervised (apps and social media)
  • Adolescents may start to become more private and secretive about their behaviour, especially if they feel they might be judged