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Puberty – Physical Changes Male

The male body produces and increase in the hormone testosterone which kick starts the process of puberty. Sexual development in boys can start anywhere between the ages of 10 and 18 but usually happens around 13 or 14.

Physical changes in boys include:

  • Testicles becoming fuller and larger
  • Scrotum sac becomes darker in colour
  • Penis grows longer and wider
  • Testicles start to produce sperm which mixes with fluid to make semen which boys ejaculate
  • Spontaneous erections and wet dreams begin
  • Growth of facial hair and hair on arms and legs which becomes darker and thicker
  • Growth spurt including arms, legs and feet
  • Voice box grows, making Adam’s apple look bigger, and voice breaks and becomes deeper
  • Pubic hair grows around base of penis
  • Sweating more, greasier hair and skin and possible spots or acne
  • Body shape changes as shoulders become broader and chest becomes more muscular
  • Face becomes less childlike