NHS Tayside Sexual Health & BBV Services FAQ

NHS Tayside Sexual Health & BBV Services aim to provide inclusive, friendly, confidential and high quality services for anyone who needs to access them.

We understand that you may feel embarrassed attending our service but our staff are non judgemental and supportive and will aim to put you quickly at ease.  People tell us that our staff are kind and friendly and in surveys say that they would be happy to return and would recommend the service to a friend.

Please have a look at our Services & Contact list for more info.

How can I make an appointment at my local sexual health clinic?

All appointments are made on the following number during opening hours.

Telephone: 01382 425 542

See SERVICE FINDER for details of opening

Where else can I access Sexual health & BBV services

Have a look at our Harm Reduction section for more information on where o get support and information around BBV and related issues

Remember you can access confidential services including most contraception, emergency contraception, testing & advice from your GP surgery.

Emergency Contraception, free condoms (CCard scheme) & advice are also available from your local pharmacy.

The Tayside Condom Initiative also provides free condoms across Tayside via the CCard App for young people.

What happens when I arrive at the sexual health service?

You will be asked to fill out a registration form and will be transferred to the triage nurse who will ask you some questions to find out why you wish to be seen. The triage nurse will provide you with an appointment or will signpost you to another service if  that is more appropriate.

Will my conversation be kept confidential?

NHS Tayside staff may ask personal and sensitive questions so that they can manage your care effectively during your visit. Staff are not there to judge you. Anything you say will be kept confidential, unless you are being referred to another service with your permission, or in very rare situations if the staff need to share information for your own protection. What you tell our staff isn’t going to shock or embarrass them, but you need to be honest so that they know how best to treat, support or advise you.

We use a computer system just for sexual health clinics in Scotland Called ‘Nash’. You will be asked to complete a registration form so we can create an electronic record using your personal details. Nash can only be accessed by staff working within Sexual health services across Scotland who have a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. Only staff directly involved in your care are allowed to access your information.

We rarely share information without your consent but may do so in the following circumstances; where there is a legal requirement (for example if you have an infection that could put others at risk e.g. Meningitis, where a child or vulnerable adult may be in need of protection or at risk of harm, to aid the police in the prevention or detection of a serious crime.

We would make every attempt to contact you to tell you what information had been disclosed and to whom.​

What happens during an STI test?

We routinely test for four infections Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis. If you have no symptoms you do not need to be examined. We require a urine sample from males and a self taken vulvovaginal swab from females to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. A blood sample is taken from your arm to test for Syphilis and HIV. We can also offer a finger-prick test for HIV where are result is required quickly (20 mins) or if it is not possible to get blood from your arm.

You can phone for your results after 1 week.

Please see the links below for guidance on STI sampling.