Healthy Relationships, Consent and the Law: Supporting Young People to Make Positive Choices

  • Date: 28/01/2021
  • Time: 09:30-13:30
  • Address: Seminar Room, Kings Cross Hospital, Clepington Road, DD3 8EA
  • City: DUNDEE

Facilitated by: Sexual Health & BBV MCN

Course Assessment: Post course evaluation

Target Group: Professionals working with young people

Minimum No of Participants: 10


  • To introduce the Scottish Government resource: “Key Messages for Young People on Healthy Relationships and Consent”
  • To highlight how this document can be used to enhance practice with young people

Learning Outcomes:

On completing the training participants will:

  • Have increased knowledge and comprehension on consent, the law and healthy relationships
  • Have increased knowledge of key messages that support young people to have positive healthy relationships and will be able to identify opportunities to apply this to practice
  • Have explored young people’s experience around consent, the law and healthy relationships and gained confidence in applying this knowledge to practice