PrEP your body for life after lockdown – HIV getting to zero

During this time of lockdown we have been provided with a unique opportunity to get new HIV infections to zero. You have probably had little or no sex with new partners since lockdown and therefore HIV testing at this time is unlikely to miss any new infections. If as many people who are at a higher risk of having HIV get tested as possible now we can break the chain of infection; these groups include men who have sex with men, people from countries of higher risk or those who have had a sexual partner from these countries.

Although the Tayside sexual and reproductive health service has had to reduce its clinics due to Covid 19 we are still able to see individuals who feel they are at higher risk of HIV and wish a test (please contact us on 01382425542 9:00-12:30pm). If you don’t want to attend a clinic you can also access a free HIV home testing kit by linking with the following partners:

Terrence Higgins trust:

HIV Scotland and Waverley care:

If your HIV test is positive you can start treatment right away. People on effective HIV treatment cannot pass the infection on. Link to U=U info on website.

If your HIV test is negative and you think post lockdown that you may have a higher risk of being exposed to HIV then please consider pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Link to PrEP info on website.

With easy access to HIV testing and support to have the sex that you want safely we will all play our part in getting to zero.