A suite of new and updated HIV PrEP resources have been developed in
collaboration with NHS, third sector and academic partners on behalf of the Scottish
HIV PrEP National Co-ordination Group. These resources aim to increase
awareness of HIV PrEP and support people considering, or prescribed, HIV PrEP
and their sexual partners to have the information and knowledge required to make
informed choices about HIV PrEP.

The resources are held centrally on www.prep.scotand include:

What do I need to know about HIV PrEP? – Leaflet
This booklet helps people make an informed choice about taking HIV PrEP. It
describes what HIV PrEP is, who can use it, how it can be accessed and how it
can support sexual health and help to protect against HIV. It also explains how it
should be taken and clearly explains the difference between daily dosing and
event-based dosing. This booklet is designed to complement and reinforce the
discussion between a healthcare professional and a patient who is either
considering, or who has been prescribed (this replaces the current “PrEP in
Scotland” booklet)

6 Population Specific Booklets designed to prompt initial discussion with
people who may benefit from HIV PrEP including:

  • HIV PrEP for gay, bisexual men and men who have sex with men
  • HIV PrEP for men and women from black African men and women
  • HIV PrEP for trans and non-binary people
  • HIV PrEP for people who exchange sex for payment
  • HIV Prep for people who inject drugs
  • HIV PrEP for people in serodiscordant relationships

These leaflets help prompt discussions about the benefits of HIV PrEP and help
people make an informed choice about taking HIV PrEP.

Event Based Dosing Diagram – A diagram that explains event based dosing to support discussions between a healthcare professional and patient about
single and multiple episodes of sex and event based dosing.
Two short films – Targeted at black African communities and trans and nonbinary people in Scotland presenting HIV PrEP in the cultural context within which sex takes places for these groups. These films aim to provide accurate
and relevant information to help these key population groups make informed decisions about their own health, and the health of others they care about.

Where to access these resources
The website www.prep.scot brings these resources together and allows anyone
thinking about HIV PrEP to easily access the information they need and links people
to their nearest sexual health services that provides HIV PrEP. All leaflets, booklets
and the diagram can be downloaded in accessible PDF form from www.prep.scot