NES (NHS Education for Scotland) have developed a set of modules aimed at the non-specialist workforce across all agencies. This includes modules on Sexual Health & Relationships, Contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

No matter where you work and who you work with, you can have an impact on other people’s sexual health and wellbeing. Sexual health and the relationships they have affect individuals and communities. Whether we have no sex, lots of sex, many sexual partners or just one, our sexual health is important for our wellbeing.

This resource will help you to think about how you can support others in understanding the importance of healthy, respectful, consensual and safe relationships and sexual health.

This resource is for:

  • Staff and volunteers working with adults and/or young people across all sectors and all populations.
  • Anyone who has an interest in relationships and sexual health and recognises that they may be able to offer support in their role

By engaging with the learning in this resource you should be able to:

  • Describe healthy relationships and sexual health using consistent key messages
  • Identify opportunities to have positive conversations around healthy relationships and sexual health with individuals and groups
  • Identify where to access basic information on healthy relationships and sexual health
  • Signpost individuals and groups to appropriate services and resources

Introduction to Sexual Health E-Modules can be accessed by anyone via TURAS here